Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My name is Pope and your name is not

Hello, my name is Pope. Your name is not pope. This makes me superior. Sorry.

My favorite colors include blue and green shades of orange. This is significant because you're about to become obsessed with me (yeah, I can see the future). Princess Toaster Oven is a cool kid. She has good taste in music and is a gay-friendly, environment-loving republican fashionista... which is kind of a big deal. I'm a socialist which is an even bigger deal. 'What could be a bigger deal than the fact that Pope is a socialist?' You're asking yourself. Well, I'll tell you. The fact that the gay-friendly, environment-loving republican fashionista are friends is an even bigger deal than me, Pope, being a socialist. Thank you, thank you very much.

I like dogs but probably not as much as the aforementioned princess.
I like high school but definitely not as much as the aforementioned princess. I'm in the process of hiring some new friends; if you know of anyone who is pretty cheap and not too unattractive, let me know.

When I die, you'll all miss me a lot. Duh, I'm Pope.

That is all for now.

Love you.

I'm Princess Toaster Oven. My very lovely acquaintance, Pope, and I would like you to enjoy our blogs. We decided to call this blog "Crotch Watch" because we admire red haired people... Does the carpet match the curtains? We think so.

We will be documenting our Oh So Wonderful lives that can be Oh So Crummy, which make for very entertaining pieces. There are more to come. Sometimes I'll be blogging, sometimes Pope will be blogging.

So let me introduce myself officially. You know my name, and you know my best friend's name. To tell you the truth, they're not our first names, but the secret makes it more fun, correct? I am a female and I am currently going through high school. It's great, I love my friends. My favorite color is yellow, I love dogs, and I am attracted to good looking red haired people, haha.

Enough for today, hopefully Pope will get on and you can meet him. He is much more interesting than I am!